訪問客戶 : 新鴻基地產
Account Manager demonstrates her dedication to assisting our employees in a professional manner. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the seamless service provided by Four Dimensions!
Counsellor have helped me a lot in giving me new perspectives, am really grateful.
Counsellor is very attentive and is able to conclude significant observations at the right time interval during my conversations. Very important insights identified with good and valid observation.
治療方法適當,輔導員很好地傾聽了我的問題,提供了非常有效的策略,並且能夠適用於我的日常生活。 謝謝。
感謝您教我與內在的自我取得聯繫。 自我發現過程並不容易,但卻非常有用。 您是一個啟發靈感的人,再次感謝。
我感謝輔導員的耐心、指導及建議。 我沒想到輔導能解決我的問題,但是輔導確實很有幫助。 謝謝。
I am thankful to my counselor's patience and guidance. She offered me suggestions to cope with my anxiety issue each time. I have been able to apply the techniques she shared with me and dealt with my insomnia successfully... Now I can sleep soundly on most nights and would not fear even if I occasionally suffer from insomnia... I didn't expect counselling to help with my problems but the sessions have been really helpful. Thank you.
I truly appreciate the sessions which help me to understand myself better, learning techniques to relax, give me a venue to discuss my problem that I wouldn't otherwise could get help.
Great counsellor!
Thank you for your excellent service, expertise and care.
Solid and practical comments, helped me realized I can reply on my own strength to solve my problems.
前檯的同事每次都非常細心,提供水; 面談環境、燈光舒適、放鬆,輔導員態度親切友善
謝謝您,有一些正面的信息作提醒總是好的。 另外,我明白了更多我孩子的感覺及學到更多溝通的技巧。
Teamwork & Rapport Building
優秀,課程結束後感覺精力充沛, 強烈推薦。
Teamwork & Rapport Building
Communicative Leadership
一些放鬆活動,很有效,experiential learning很好。
Back & Neck Care
This programme is very practical and helpful!
Acupressure for Self–treatment
The speaker is knowledgeable. It can run this workshop more frequently. The content is very helpful for healthy life.
Eat Smart with Nutrition Labelling
The programme is very comprehensive. I've learnt how to identify those hidden character strengths so that I can improve in the future and helping to build a strong team and motivate others.
Positive Leadership - Leading for Staff Engagement
Good presentation! The programme is very nice and detailed. The examples are so interesting. I love the quote of “Love What you Do, Do what You Love.”, it’s a really good reminder.
Loving Monday
I’ve learnt how to recognize myself and understand more how to make myself happy! Very Good!
Positive Psychology - Open Your Door to Happiness
Art of marriage
I’ve understood more about the feeling of my children. Thank you, it’s always good to have some positive messages as reminder.
Effective Parenting for Working Parents
跨世代職場達人 - 溝通篇
Nice Language in the Workplace
Care for all
Understand of mental health status and ways to help out under urgent situation. Very helpful & engaging!
Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course
Great sharing by both speakers in understanding well about the different personality type and how each other can work well. Thanks for the facilitation. Good observation with clear explanation.
Team Building
The training is highly valuable as it helped us to learn the positive way of thinking and how to be happy on the issue of loving the first working day of every week. The case sharing and the dancing exercise together made a very useful content for every participant to get involved and empathized. It would be great if the training can be conducted for all level of staff in the company.
It was encouraging to participate in the programme and the most important learning area was learning the way to think positively and to defeat negative thinking. After the training, we know how to handle daily issues with optimistic and appreciated way of mindset, this is greatly useful for us to reduce the pressure from work and maintain a better work-life balance.
Your support to our staff last night has been extremely helpful. We appreciated your flexibility for this urgent need. Thank you for all your support!
The prompt response to our needs and the rendered just-in-time services in a professional way. Thank you!
The support services were useful to our staff. We appreciate very much the helpful attitude of the coordinating Chief consultant, her kind concern, and the readiness and flexibility in meeting our urgent needs.
有幫助,Onsite consultant 給予有用的建議給管理人員. 對Consultant的專業建議及 account manager 的緊急支援及helpful 的態度有深刻印象!